Charlie Grinker Presents: One Flag Fits All

Charlie Grinker Presents:  One Flag Fits All

The greatness of America as the leader of the free world has been forged by the unity of our people. With stirring true-to-life video and cherished memories of great events from outstanding Americans who were there, ONE FLAG FITS ALL vividly brings to life the power of unity. We go behind-the-scenes with President Teddy Roosevelt as the United States became the new world power. Under Franklin Roosevelt we emerged from the Great Depression and were soon called upon to lead the Allies to victory in World War Two and save the world from the evil ambitions of Germany and Japan. In the 1950’s the free world wondered if Americans had lost their steam as the U.S.A. fell behind the Russians in the race for space. President Kennedy then challenged his countrymen in a speech at Rice University with these historic words, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade.” Experts said impossible, it would take another 20-30 years. Americans proved the experts wrong and we’ve led the race for space ever since.

In 1961 the world watched as Germany eliminated the word “unity” from their language. East Germany’s Communist Government, backed by the Soviet Union, built a giant concrete wall separating the East from the West. For 28 years Germans on both sides of the wall were separated from their families, friends and loved ones. Imagine living in Florida and not being able to visit your family in Michigan. In 1987 President Ronald Reagan delivered a powerful speech in West Berlin in which he challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall.” In Germany, and around the world, millions who yearned to be free cheered and cried as television showed the once powerful wall crumbling down, an unforgettable moment in world history.

ONE FLAG FITS ALL brings together many great Americans who witnessed our triumphs first hand including Tom Brokaw, Oprah Winfrey, Senator Strom Thurmond, Mickey Mantle, Dick Gregory, William F. Buckley, Jr., Harry Belafonte, Mike Wallace, Senator Daniel Inouye, Diane Sawyer, Raul Julia and Hugh Downs.

One Flag Fits All

One Flag Fits All

07:00 pm
Black Box Theater