Journey to Oz (3:00 PM Showtime)

Oz Poster


The works of L. Frank Baum are numerous and his tales of Dorothy and her adventures in Oz are his most beloved. In this fantastic new adaptation we are invited to go to Oz with Dorothy as audience members become a part of an experiential production, singing and dancing, and acting alongside professional actors. When the cyclone comes, the entire theater enters the eye of the storm with whisking lights and exciting music created by lauded composer, Josh Totora.


Students play 16 individual roles during the play, in addition to a few who are picked to dance in the Emerald City. The entire audience will sing; create sound effects; participate in call and response; and play Munchkins, Winkies, Crows, and Flying Monkeys.


Journey to Oz was originated at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte where the target audience was 4-12 year-old students (grades k-6), and family audiences all ages.