You Are There Hosted by Charlie Grinker: Roaring Through the 1920’s

YOU ARE THERE 24 years later as Charles Lindbergh wins a $25,000 prize when he becomes the first person to solo the Atlantic, 33 ½ hours – alone – from New York to Paris. Six men had died trying to win that $25,000 prize which would equal $348,000 today. But $25,000 was a sizable prize in 1927 when a brand new Ford automobile sold for less than $300. Lucky Lindy became an instant legend. His powered flight led to something new – airlines. We’ll watch passengers dancing in the air while on the ground dancers perform The Airplane Waltz. A chorus then offers Lucky Lindy. Meanwhile Lindberg turns to Rocket science and a trip to the Moon.


All in 1927! Lindy visits with the Father of Space, Robert Goddard and his wife Esther ,at the Goddard home in Worcester, Massachusetts. In a rare interview with Charlie Grinker, Esther tells of the Goddard’s first meetings with Lindbergh in 1927 and how Lindy dedicated himself to raising funds for Goddard experiments. Esther also tells us how much he liked her chocolate cake – enough to ask for a second piece. We’ll also watch sculptor Gutzon Borglum at work on Mount Rushmore and see the heads of the Presidents take shape.