You Are There Hosted by Charlie Grinker: T.Roosevelt and his Times

The opening program of the YOU ARE THERE series begins at the 1982 EMMY AWARDS in Hollywood as Charlie Grinker, receives his first National EMMY. The presenters are Robert Stack of The Untouchables and Donna Mills of Knots Landing. Here’s Charlie!


T.Roosevelt And His Times then highlights special moments from Charlie’s sixty year career producing and writing award-winning programs and multi-part series. He blends delightful, thought-provoking and surprising video with memories from the more than 200 celebrated Americans he’s interviewed since the 1960’s. You Are There as we witness the assassination of President William McKinley in 1903 at the Pan American Exhibition in Buffalo, New York. Then to Washington, D.C. for the Inauguration of the youngest President in our nation’s history, 42 year-old Theodore Roosevelt. We move on to enjoy a rare visit with Teddy at his beautiful home in Oyster Bay, New York. Then off to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina’s Bill Kill Devil Hill for the Wright Brothers historic first powered flight. Wilbur ran at wing tip for the 59 second duration of the 120 foot flight and the eyes of America soon turned toward the skies. It came as no surprise that President Teddy Roosevelt later became the first President to fly. Other memorable moments in T.R. and His Times include an interview with Babe Ruth while he works out in a gym and gets a massage; action moments with the first Aces of the Air in World War One; and a Hollywood finale with Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and a four year-old child star named Milton Berle.