You Are There Hosted by Charlie Grinker: The 1930’s

You Are There Hosted by Charlie Grinker: The 1930’s – The World Turned Upside Down


What did the Depression feel like? Here are personal memories – growing up with James Garner, Julia Child, William Buckley, Jr., Beverly Sills, Bill Moyers and Neil Simon. When did we start worrying about Hitler? Not soon enough. Here is Hitler with his masters of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels and Fritz Hippler. In a chilling interview Hippler tells us how they developed “the big lie.” The bigger the better he says and make sure you tell it over and over until it is accepted as the truth. The #1 sporting event of the 30’s is the heavyweight fight between America;s Joe Louis and Germany;s Max Schmeling. President Roosevelt tells Joe Louis “we need to win” and Joe doesn’t let FDR down. The President lifts us out of the Depression, the motion picture industry booms, and something new called “Radio Talking Picture,” later known as television, tip toes onto the scene.